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Warning GIN Boomerang 5/07 + GIN Boomerang 5/08 - with Dyneema lines.

SubjectGIN Boomerang 5/07 + GIN Boomerang 5/08 - with Dyneema lines.

We would like to remind all Boomerang pilots: Gin gliders strongly recommend that all lines should be checked for both strength and length after each 100 hours. All main lines must be renewed every 100 hours and upper lines must be renewed every 200 hours, even if they still appear ok after the checking.

We further strongly recommend checking the breaking strenght for the Kevlar/Aramid unsleeved lines and the line lenght for the Dyneema unsleeved lines. Dyneema lines can shrink.

And so to avoid any problems, and also to convince and support the pilots to change the lines, Gin Gliders will supply all Boomerang pilots who have dyneema lines on their Boomerang, a new upgraded line set (2008 version inc. new 2008 version risers) at 50% discount of the normal price.

Please contact your dealer or distributor:

Gin Gliders Inc. 15.10.08
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Chuin-Gu, Yongin-city, Kyunggi-Do,
449-851, Korea
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