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Airworthiness advisory Paraglider Cargo L, DHV GS-01-0675-99

SubjectParaglider Cargo L, DHV GS-01-0675-99

A tandem pilot had a serious accident on 16.8.2008 while winch towing. The Airea Cargo L tandem paraglider had taken off and then entered a stall at a height of 5-7m over ground. Both the pilot and passenger were seriously injured after impacting the ground. The analysis of a video film made of the flight indicates that the accident was probably not due to pilot error.

In the past a similar accident occurred under near identical circumstances with this make of paraglider. In both cases, the trimmers on the paraglider were fully closed. In the case of the first accident, the start weight of pilot and passenger were below the certified weight range of the paraglider.

The DHV issues the following Airworthiness directive:

    Until the analysis of the the accident from 16.08.2008 has been concluded, Airea Cargo L paragliders are not to be used for winch launched flying.

This directive is immediately valid.

Gmund, 1.10.08

Karl Slezak
DHV Safety Manager

The DHV will publish further information on conclusion of the accident analysis.