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Warning Tandem Paraglider<br> Spreader bar

SubjectTandem Paraglider
Spreader bar

At the end of July 2008, an accident occurred with a tandem paraglider after the main attachment point of the spreader bar (T-bar) tore during a spiral dive. The pilot deployed a reserve parachute, and both he and his passenger landed without injury in a tree. The spreader bar is of unknown origin, with no certification. The design and sewing techniques used indicate that it was probably produced in the mid-ninetys.

Picture 1

On investigation, the main supporting sling failed due to structual material weakness.

The DHV issues the following safety warning:
Tandem pilots using a spreader bar which can be identified from pictures 2 and 3 as being of the same production as the failed example, may on no account use these spreader bars for further flying.

Gmund, 29.8.08

Karl Slezak
DHV Safety Management

Picture 2

Picture 3