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Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness X-citing DHV GS-03-0191-98

SubjectParaglider harness X-citing DHV GS-03-0191-98

At one paraglider harness X-citing, MZL GS-03-191-98 of High Adventure an incorrect, sharp edged belt buckle has damaged the belt ribbon. The consequence from this is in the most unfavorable case the cut of the belt ribbon and loss of strenght of the harness-construction. These belt buckles, which have been used only in the first series have no engraving or stamping of an belt buckle manufacturer (see figures).

In agreement with the manufacturer High Adventure, Stanserstr. 107 a, CH-6064 Kerns, the DHV has decided on the following precautionary safety measures:

  1. At all paraglider harnesses X-citing, MZL GS-03-191-98 of High Adventure, the belt buckles must be checked.
  2. Incorrect belt buckles must be maintained by the manufacturer instructions or exchanged

This airworthiness instruction comes into force when it is published in the News for Paragliders and Hang Gliders (NfGH). The precautionary safety measure must be carried out before the equipment is flown again.

The Check and maintenance or the exchange has to be done by the manufacturer of the Paraglider harness or the german Distributer Charly Produkte, Am Osterösch 3, D- 87637 Seeg.

Gmund, 29. January 2001

Klaus Tänzler

Managing Director