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Safety note

SubjectSUP´AIR Paraglider Harnesses, SUP´AIR 06 DHV GS-03-0327-06, SUP´AIR Hybrid EAPR-GZ-7071/08

Unexpected openings (in particular of the chest / safe-T strap) have been experienced on some harnesses fitted with light weight automatic clips. It has been determined that this is due to either one or both of the release buttons on the "female" part, not correctly returning to their lock positions.

Picture 1: The arrow indicates the release button in its correct locked position.

The problem is not with particular harnesses, but with the automatic clips on the chest strap, safe-T strap and leg straps. Automatic clips which have possible defects, are stamped with "A08" or "B08" (production date between January and July 2008 - indicated on harness label) - see picture 2. The defect occurs on the "female" half of the clip.

Picture 2: Stamp on female clip half. Defect clips have "A08" or "B08" stamped here.

The following harnesses are fitted with these automatic clips:

2008 Models:


2007 Models: (in addition to the above mentioned):
ALTIPLUME Airbag – ESCAPE Airbag – X-Ride – X-Ride Airbag.

In agreement with the DHV, the manufacturer issued the following safety advisory:

All owners of the above harnesses must check that the automatic clips on the harness are functioning correctly. This check must be performed prior to the next flight and should be conducted as follows:

The stamps on the automatic clips are to be viewed. Only clips with stamps "A08" or "B08" are affected. Check when closed: open the clip by applying pressure symmetrically on both release buttons of the "female" side of the clip. Take out the male half completely, then re-insert into the clip. Both release buttons on the female half of the clip must pop out completely (see picture). Repeat three times.

Check when opened: after applying pressure to the release buttons symmetrically, push the male half of the clip into its couterpart and check that both release buttons pop out fully and correctly. Repeat three times.

Note: on the chest safe-T strap there are two automatic clips. The check must be performed on each clip separately.

Picture: right both release buttons (circled) in their correct popped-out positions. Left: the right release button (red circle) has not popped out correctly although the male half of the clip has been inserted.

If one or both of the release buttons do not correctly return to their popped-out positions (see picture), then this clip is defect. Harnesses with defect automatic clips may not be used for flying. Owners of such harnesses should contact the manufacturers importer Aerosport International. Aerosport International offer free repair of defect harnesses and reimbursement of postage costs.

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