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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Gin Boomerang Sport M DHV GS-01-1487-06, Gin Boomerang Sport S DHV GS-01-1502-06, Gin Boomerang Sport L DHV GS-01-1503-06, Gin Boomerang Sport XS DHV GS-01-1528-06, GIN Yeti 2008XS DHV GS-01-1694-07, GIN Yeti 2008S DHV GS-01-1695-07, GIN Yeti 2008M DHV GS-01-1696-07, GIN Yeti 2008L DHV GS-01-1697-07, GIN Yeti 2008XL DHV GS-01-1698-07

Changes in line lengths outside permissable tolerance have been noted in some Gin Gliders paraglider models. This is due to shrinkage of the Liros Dyneema DC 120 Lines, used in the middle gallery of these gliders.

Aerosport and Gin Gliders therefore issue the following safety advisory:

    According to the ammount of shrinkage, lines falling outside the tolerance margins must be either stretched or replaced.

Aerosport International should be contacted and defect gliders should be sent back for repair, before the next flight.

Brannenburg, 01.07.08

Kurt Vorraber
General Manager
Aerosport International GmbH
Grafenstrasse 26
DE 83098 Brannenburg
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