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Safety note

SubjectParaglider harness Peak 2 T-LOCK DHV GS-03-0348-07, Peak 2 GET-UP DHV GS-03-0349-07

At the Woody Valley Peak Paraglider harness crincles can occur, depending on treatment. This will kink the lexan reinforcement which can lead to a malfunction of the airbag, since it is not properly filled. Owners and pilots of Peak 2 harnesses are called to inspect these for kinks in the area of the protector.

If there are kinks in the area of the protector the lexan plate has to be replaced by a new U-shaped reinforcement part. This reinforcement part can be installed by the owner or Woody Valley respectively Turnpoint fastline GmbH.

More information and charge free supply of the reinforcement part: ,, +49 (0)8036 9088261


Ilona Albrecht,
General Manager
Turnpoint fastline GmbH