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Airworthiness advisory Paraglider OZONE Magnum DHV GS-01-1471-06

SubjectParaglider OZONE Magnum DHV GS-01-1471-06

The metal connecting ring between the B- and C-risers on an Ozone Magnum paraglider broke in flight during a steep spiral dive ( Picture). The paraglider then became uncontrolable and the pilot had to deploy his reserve parachute.

It is currently being investigated if this failure is a single occurance, or if several paragliders of this model are likely to be affected. The connecting ring is not used on any other Ozone paraglider.

Forces similar to those during a spiral dive may be expierenced during a collapse or other manoevers.

Due to this, the DHV together with the general importer Aerosport International GmbH, has issued the following airworthiness advisory:

  1. 1. All Ozone Magnum paragliders must be re-checked by the manufacturer.
  2. 2. The manufacturer is to insure that the connection ring is additionally secured, or if necessary, is to replace the paragliders risers.

The checks must be performed before the paraglider is flown again. All Ozone Magnum paragliders should be sent for checking to the following address:

Aerosport International GmbH, Grafenstraße 26, 83098 Brannenburg Tel. 08043-1034 E-Mail.:

Gmund, 02.10.07
Klaus Tänzler
DHV-General Manager