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Safety note Brake handles of the type PARATECH

SubjectBrake handles of the type PARATECH

The brake handles of the type PARATECH “Evolution” as shown in picture 1

which have been supplied after May 1, 2007 have a manufacturing defect in their swivel links: the two holes of this swivel link have been badly rounded off and deburred. The black cord fastening it to the handle and the colored main brake line can be damaged and considerably weakened where they pass through the swivel link holes, which might lead to failure of the link between the brake handle and the main brake line. A sign indicating the beginning of this process even after slight use is the partial fraying of the lines where they pass through the swivel link holes, as shown in picture 2 and 3.

Picture 2 Picture 3

In agreement with the DHV the manufacturer PARATECH takes the following safety measures:

Before the next flight, the brake handles have to be inspected for possible damages as described above:

  1. If any damage to the lines is detected, the handles have to be replaced before the next flight.
  2. If no visible damages are apparent but the brake handles or the paraglider were purchased after May 1, 2007, they may still be used until the replacement handles arrive, but they have to be checked before each flight.

The brake handles can be exchanged by the pilot him- or herself. For this purpose, we would like to ask the pilots concerned to contact us:

PARATECH AG, Telefon +41 (71) 787 30 31 oder

Weissbad, 05.09.2007

Thomas Maurer, Geschäftsführer
Uwe Bernholz, Entwicklung