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Safety note

Gradient Bright 26 DHV GS-01-0971-02,
Gradient Bright 28 DHV GS-01-0972-02,
Gradient Bright 30 DHV GS-01-0973-02,
Gradient Bright 24 DHV GS-01-1000-02,
Gradient Aspen 26 DHV GS-01-1070-03,
Gradient Aspen 28 DHV GS-01-1071-03,
Gradient Aspen 24 DHV GS-01-1094-03,
Gradient Aspen 30 DHV GS-01-1154-03,
Gradient Golden 28 DHV GS-01-1155-03,
Gradient Golden 26 DHV GS-01-1163-03,
Gradient Golden 30 DHV GS-01-1164-03,
Gradient Golden 24 DHV GS-01-1169-03,
Gradient Bright Classic 24 DHV GS-01-1203-04,
Gradient Bright Classic 26 DHV GS-01-1204-04,
Gradient Bright Classic 28 DHV GS-01-1205-04,
Gradient Bright Classic 30 DHV GS-01-1206-04,
Gradient Golden 22 DHV GS-01-1232-04,
Gradient Bi-Golden 42 DHV GS-01-1262-04,
Gradient Delite 22 DHV GS-01-1396-05,
Gradient Delite 24 DHV GS-01-1397-05,
Gradient Delite 26 DHV GS-01-1398-05,
Gradient Delite 28 DHV GS-01-1399-05,
Gradient Delite 30 DHV GS-01-1400-05,
Gradient Aspen 2 24 DHV GS-01-1480-06,
Gradient Aspen 2 26 DHV GS-01-1481-06,
Gradient Aspen 2 28 DHV GS-01-1482-06,
Gradient Aspen 2 30 DHV GS-01-1483-06,
Gradient Bright 3 26 DHV GS-01-1484-06,
Gradient Bright 3 28 DHV GS-01-1485-06,
Gradient Bright 3 30 DHV GS-01-1486-06,
Gradient Bright 3 24 DHV GS-01-1543-06,
Gradient Aspen 2 22 DHV GS-01-1544-06,
Gradient Golden 2 26 DHV GS-01-1578-06,
Gradient Golden 2 28 DHV GS-01-1579-06,
Gradient Golden 2 30 DHV GS-01-1580-06,
Gradient Golden 2 24 DHV GS-01-1607-07,
Gradient Golden 2 22 DHV GS-01-1608-07

On all Gradient paragliders, the mallions connecting line to risers are not secured with thread glue or similar. Due to this, it is possible that the mallions may loosen or open during useage.

In agreement with the DHV, the general importer Turnpoint GmbH has issued the following safety advisory:

All mallions connecting lines to risers on Gradient paragliders must be checked to ensure they are correctly closed before the next flight. Loose mallions may be hand-tightened by using a spanner or pair of pliers.

Stephanskirchen, 03.09.2007

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