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Safety note

SubjectParaglider harness High Adventure Skybum DHV GS-03-0248-01, High Adventure Skybum Cygnus DHV GS-03-0249-01

The leg straps of a Skybum paraglider harness have suffered severe abrasive damage which led to separation on one side, and partial separation on the other. (See pictures 1 and 2)

Picture 1. Damaged leg straps Picture 2. Separated leg strap

The damage was caused by sharp edges on the seat board, where the straps have been fed through (see pictures 3 and 4). Beneath the seat board, the straps are fixed tightly in place with a mallion shackle. Under tension, normal leg strap movement was sufficient to separate the leg straps due to abrasion on the sharp edges of the seat board holes.

Picture 3: Seatboard with holes for leg straps Picture 4: Sharp edges

The damaged harness had been heavily used, particularly for several hundred hours of ground handling. Other stitching was also noted to be defect, in addition to the damaged leg straps.

Together with the DHV the manufacturer High Adventure has agreed on the following airworthiness safety measures:

    All Skybum harnesses must be examined by their owners for damage to the leg straps and seat boards prior to next usage. Possible damage can only be seen when the lower side of the seat board and the strap shackle connectors are thoroughly examined.

Damaged harnesses (with defective leg straps or damaged seat boards) must not be used again before the damaged parts have been repaired or replaced. High Adventure agrees to exchange any defective seat boards. Further details may be found on High Adventures website, Wiesenbergstraße 10, CH- 6383 Dallenwil, Fon: 0041-41-6280130, Fax: 0041-41-6280188, Mail:, Web :

Dallenwil, 24.01.2007

Urs Hari,
High Adventure AG
Wiesenbergstraße 10
CH- 6383 Dallenwil