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Safety note

SubjectParaglider harness SUP´AIR 02 DHV GS-03-0255-02, SUP´AIR Randonneuse XC DHV GS-03-0278-03, SUP´AIR 06 DHV GS-03-0327-06

On a Sup Air paraglider harness it has been noted that the sharp edges of the carbon seat board have damaged the harness leg straps (picture 1.)

picture 1

Together with the manufacturers representative, the DHV and Aerosport International GmbH issue the following safety warning: before any Sup Air harness with a carbon seat board is used again, the pilot must check for damage to the harness leg straps (see pictures 2 and 3).

picture 2 and 3

Should damage to the straps be visible, then the harness must not be further used. Damaged harnesses should be sent back to Aerosport International GmbH for repair. Even if no damage is visible, the carbon seat board must nevertheless be fitted with a protective rail. This may be performed by the pilot, an Aerosport dealer (school) or Aerosport International GmbH. Aerosport will send all pilots the necessary materials and installation instructions free of charge on request. Aerosport International, Grafenstraße 26, D-83098 Brannenburg, Tel. + 49-8034-1034, E-Mail:

Brannenburg, 17.01.2007

Kurt Vorraber,
General Manager
Aerosport International GmbH