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Airworthiness advisory

SubjectParaglider harness Skyline Project DHV GS-03-0232-01, SKYLINE PHASE DHV GS-03-0253-02

Skyline has modified reserve containers on the above named hanesses. The modifications have sucessfully passed the necessary DHV certification tests.

The Airworthiness warning from 23.09.2005 has been supplimented as follows:

    The Airworthiness warnings issued for the two above named harnesses are no longer applicable, providing the harnesses have been modified in accordance with the Modification Certification issued on 27.03.2006 by the DHV.

Modifications are to be made by Skyline.

Gmund, am 07.07.06

Klaus Tänzler
General Manager

Skyline Flight Gear GmbH
Weidach 1
D-83236 Übersee
Tel. 08642-59790, Fax: 08642-597929