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Safety note

SubjectParaglider tow support attachment Pilots Right Stuff Schlepphilfe DHV GSWH-0003-00

A Pilots Right Stuff towing bridle manufactured by Aerosports International GmbH failed during towing. While being loaded assymetrically the weld on the square ring broke apart.

Broken weld on square ring

The manufacturer has issued the following safety statement:

    the square ring on the towing bridle must be replaced with a square screwgate shackle (as used to secure paraglider lines to risers), or the bridle must be exchanged for a newer strengthened version prior to next use.

Aerosport International GmbH will exchange or replace faulty units, please send to Aerosport International GmbH, Grafenstraße 26, 83098 Brannenburg.

Brannenburg, 12.07.2006

Kurt Vorraber

Aerosport International GmbH
Grafenstraße 26
83098 Brannenburg
Tel: 080341034 Fax:080343384
E-mail: info@aerosport

The replacment is done by Aerosport International GmbH free of charge