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Safety note

SubjectTow release
SK1 DHV 06-0029-00,
SK2 DHV 06-0034-05

It has been determined through improper use of the release pin of an SK1 winch tow release, that the pin was not correctly crimped to the wire release cable, and due to this, became detached from the cable.

Additional tests on several other release pins of this type have indicated that while the mechanical strength of the crimping bond may vary between pins, it is sufficient for release purposes.

To eliminate the possibility of failure, the manufacturer Fly market GmbH & Co. KG, Pröbstener Str. 15, D-87637 Eisenberg, Tel: 08364-98330, Fax: 08364-983333, Email: together with the DHV has issued the following safety statement:

    The release pin constructions of all SK1 and SK2 winch tow releases manufactured in 2005 must be checked to ensure adequate mechanical strenght of the crimping bond before the next useage. Models manufactured prior to 2005 are not affected.

    Checking may be performed by the owner, in accordance with the following instructions, or the release pin may be sent to Fly Market GmbH for free checking at their premises.

Checking instructions: the closure in the red release handle must be removed and the yellow release cable should be pushed out.

A visual check of the crimping bond should now be possible - if the crimp has been made cylindrically then the sould not be any problems.

If however, a flat crimping bond is present then this must be exchanged before further use.

Eisenberg, 16.01.2006

Stefan Kurrle,
Fly market GmbH & Co. KG
Pröbstener Str. 15
D-87637 Eisenberg,
Tel: 08364-98330, Fax: 08364-983333