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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Gradient Bi-Golden 42 DHV GS-01-1262-04, Turnpoint Fastline GmbH / Gradient s.r.o.

There have been two incidents of broken lines (main lines) on Bi-Golden. In both cases the gliders were used a lot and aerobatics manoeuvres were often flown. Fortunately both incidents led to no injury of the pilots or passengers.

Bi-Golden is not intended for aerobatics.

GRADIENT decided anyhow in accordance with the DHV to change to stronger main lines.

All Bi-Golden should be equipped with these stronger main lines at the next two-years-check. Turnpoint replaces the main lines on demand also before the next two-year-check. Experienced pilots can replace the main lines also by themselves.
The replacement of the main lines is without charge.

Please refer to Turnpoint Fastline GmbH, Internet: , Tel: +49 (0)8036 9088261