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Airworthiness advisory

SubjectParaglider harness Skyline Project DHV GS-03-0232-01, SKYLINE PHASE DHV GS-03-0253-02, SKYLINE PROJEKT BI DHV GS-03-0254-02

Skyline Phase,GS 03-0253-02 (only applies to versions with reserve tube containers, not those with 5-leaf containers).

Picture 1. Tube container , affected

Picture 2. 5-Leaf bottom container , not affected

Recently, problems have been reported in deploying an emergency reserve parachute from the tube-container of this harness. It is apparent that many reserve parachute inner bags prevent a correct emergency release, even though they may have passed a compatibility test.

More details may be found here:

The tube container deployment problems were caused by the following:

  1. The compatibility test for the emergency reserve parachute when combined with the tube container was inadequate. Through small changes to the correct configuration (e.g. by looping the deployment handle through a different attachment point to the inner bag) deployment may be made more difficult or in some cases impossible.
  2. Increased frictional forces may be experienced during deployment when using inner bags which utilise a bag-chute to help opening. Bag-chutes (gauze/nylon construction combined with possible short line constructions), when mounted on the top or side of the inner bag create frictional problems and hence require greater deployment forces.

    In both cases a successful deployment may be hindered or made impossible in particular for example in an extreme spiral dive, when the induced g-forces are acting against the emergency parachute deployment direction. The force required for deployment may in such cases, exceed the testing criteria of 7 kg.

Not affected by this problem are the following named emergency parachutes with inner bags manufactured from June 2000 onwards (see picture 3).
These inner bags have been specially designed for use with the tube container in the above harnesses, and when installed correctly and having passed a compatibility test guarantee a correct deployment.

Sykline Survive 18 GS MPR-Nr. GS-02-0090-03
Sykline Survive 20 GS MPR-Nr. GS-02-0098-03
Sykline Survive 22 GS MPR-Nr. GS-02-0087-02
Sykline Survive 26 GS MPR-Nr. GS-02-0091-03
Skyline Survive 30 GS MPR-Nr. GS-02-0092-03
Sykline Survive GS GS MPR-Nr. GS-02-0035-92
Sykline Survive GS SDS MPR-Nr. GS-02-0099-03

Picture 3. Reserve parachute Skyline Survive

In agreement with the manufacturer Skyline, the DHV has issued the following safety advisory:
The above named Paraglider Harnesses may only be used with an emergency parachute of type Skyline Survive when in combination with an inner bag which has been specially designed for use in the tube container.
Other emergency parachutes may only be used in combination with these harnesses providing they are mounted in external front containers, and must not be used in the integrated tube containers.

This airworthiness advisory applies from the date of publishing in the News for Paragliders and Hang Gliders (NfGH).

The precautionary safety measures must be implemented before the equipment is flown again.


Klaus Tänzler
Managing Director, DHV

Comments from the manufacturer Skyline Flight Gear GmbH

Skyline Flight Gear GmbH, Weidach 1, D-83236 Übersee, Tel.: 0049-8642-59790, Fax: 0049-8642-597929 offers owners of the above named harnesses a special exchange deal for a paraglider harness of type Skyline Phase 5-Leaf bottom container. An exchange of non-compatible emergency parachutes for a Skyline Survive model is also possible. Please contact
Email: Internet: for details.

Wolfgang Genghammer
Managing Director
Skyline Flight Gear GmbH