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Safety note All gliders from UP Europe GmbH

SubjectAll gliders from UP Europe GmbH

At routine canopy re-examinations and the checking of canopies which have been involved in accidents, it has been observed that after ageing, the breaking strengths of Aramid lines in the upper galleries can diminish faster than the breaking strengths of the main lines.

As a preventative safety measure the following must be adhered to:

At re-examination sample Aramid lines from all galleries and the main lines must be subjected to breaking strength testing.

The following limits are to be used:

The total calculated strength (N) of all A & B lines using the worst case sample results, must not be less than 8 times the maximum certified take-off mass of the canopy (kg) the total calculated strengths for all other lines, must not be less than 6 times the maximum take-off mass. Additionally, the manufacturer must record the minimum breaking strength (N) of all line materials used.

These measures must be implemented at the next re-examination of a canopy.

Kochel am See, 24.05.2004

Christian Rönning

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