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Safety note Hangglider Atos C DHV 01-0380-02, Atos CS DHV 01-0394-03

SubjectHangglider Atos C DHV 01-0380-02, Atos CS DHV 01-0394-03
This notice applies to all ATOS with silver or black carbon `A` frames without front wires. (These gliders have side wires that form a circuit in the wing. This `circulation cable` provides forward tension on the control frame and lateral flight controls.)

During bi-annual safety inspections at A-I-R, some gliders were found to have damaged circulation cables as shown in Picture 1

This cable is easiest to inspect during set up before the glider is fully rigged.

As a precaution the cable must be checked (optically) for kinks and broken strands. Alternatively it can be checked by feeling along the cable with a finger-nail. Note: The cable must not be removed for the check. (Picture 2 shows a damaged cable which must be changed.)
Picture 2: damaged cable

Important: This is important and must be done before your next flight!

Do not fly with one or more broken strands. (There may be further hidden damage.) The cable must be changed.

Damage to the cable can occur with incorrect rigging.

A new cable can be ordered direct from A-I-R.

The cable can be damaged if miss-routed as is shown in Picture 3. This does cause symptoms of an unusually high cable tension when connecting the side wires and noisy movement of the A frame.
Picture 3 : Miss-routing of the cable

Note: Miss-routing of the cable can only occur during rigging. It cannot occur if the glider is rigged correctly.

Take care: Do a pre-flight check as described in the manual. The whole length of the control cable should be checked.

A modification has been made to avoid damage to the cable in the way described above for all new production gliders. However pre-flight checks should still be carried out.
Picture 4: New updated main bolt pins.

Picture 5: Without rope protection webbing

Picture 6: Wire rope protection modification.

The modification consists of:

- 4 Replacement pins for the main bolts.
- 2 rope protection webbings which attach with Velcro around the D-spar.

A modification Kit is available from:

A-I-R GmbH, Borsigstr. 17, D-71277 Rutesheim
Tel.: +49 (0)7152 351 251, Fax.: +49 (0)7152 351 252
Email: Internet:

Rutesheim, 05.05.2004

A-I-R Team, Felix Rühle
General Manager