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Safety note Paraglider harness UP K2 DHV GS-03-0259-02

SubjectParaglider harness UP K2 DHV GS-03-0259-02

Tests have shown that certain reserve parachutes cannot be deployed properly with the UP model K2 tandem harness. We would like to remind all users of this and other harnesses of the obligatory compatibility test. This test must be carried out each time a reserve parachute is packed into a harness, to ensure a problem-free deployment in all situations.

In the case of the UP harness model K2 it can happen that the reserve becomes stuck inside the outer container and cannot be deployed. If you discover this problem with your harness-reserve configuration the harness must not be flown until modifications followed by new successful compatibility tests have been carried out.

UP offers K2 owners two different options:

1. The K2 harness is retrofitted with a new outer container that ensures problem-free deployment with most reserve parachutes. The modification is carried out by UP

2. A new K2 harness (excluding carabiners and airbags) already equipped with the modified container. The price for this exchange is 120 EUR + VAT, and the old harness must be sent to UP

It is up to the K2 owner to decide the preferred option. Notice that in both cases the harness must be sent to:

UP Europe GmbH, Altjoch 19a, 82431 Kochel a. See
Tel: 08851/92 92-0, E-Mail:, Internet: Kochel am See, am 05.05.2004