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Airworthiness advisory Paraglider Mistral 2.22 DHV GS-01-0867-01

SubjectParaglider Mistral 2.22 DHV GS-01-0867-01

A further case of a Mistral 2.22 going into a deep stall has been noted, after this glider had been subjected to recall testing due to the airworthiness safety notice from 26.02.2003.
Due to construction parameters, flying characteristics of the Mistral 2.22 may permenantly deteriorate, either through use or storage.
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All affected canopies show the following non-typical behaviour:

  • Poor inflation & start properties

  • Entering a deep or parachutal stall, particularly when using "big ears"
  • Delayed trimspeed recovery after exiting from a B-Stall
  • Reduced brake-input range

Together with Swing Flugsportgeräte GmbH, the DHV is now issueing the following preventative Safety Warning:

  1. All Mistral 2.22 gliders must be re-checked by the manufacturer.

  2. Mistral 2.22 gliders should not be flown until they have been re-checked.
  3. Should deteriorated flying characteristics be determined, Swing offers Mistral 2.22 pilots either a repair or an exchange.
  4. In addition to this, Swing makes all Mistral 2.22 owners, irrespective of re-check results, a part-exchange offer for an alternative glider, as a part of its customer care program.

These airworthiness requirements are valid from publication of the NfGH Notices for hang- and paraglider pilots. The safety requirements must be fullfilled before the equipment is re-used.

For re-checking and/or exchange contact:
Swing, An der Leiten 4, 82290 Landsberied, Tel: +49 (0)8141 3 27 78 88, Email: Internet:

Gmund, 31.03.2004

Klaus Tänzler
Managing Director