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Airworthiness advisory

SubjectHangglider Stealth 12 kpl DHV 01-0325-97, Stealth 13 KPL 2 DHV 01-0340-98, Stealth 14 KPL 2 DHV 01-0343-99, Stealth Combat 14 DHV 01-0371-01, Discus 14 DHV 01-0393-03

It is possible that the connecting nut and bolt between control frame and keel tube on an Aeros hangglider may work loose and come apart. This occurred to a pilot but was first recognised after landing. Luckily the pilot suffered no damage from this mishap.
The connecting assembly consists of an M8 nut and bolt, secured by a split ring. Due to the shampfer at the bolt end, a deformed split ring may result in the nut being able to work loose.

The DHV has issued the following safety notice together with FUL Werner Ulrich, Am Flugplatz 8, 49401 Damme (responsible for Stealth 12 KPL certification) and Sunglide (Sybille Baeumer-Fischer), Schilchernhof, 87463 Dietmannsried (responsible for all the other above named hangglider certificates):
On all Aeros hanggliders named above, the M8 nut used to secure the control frame to the keel is to be replaced with an M8 polystop threaded nut. The split ring is to be used as before to secure the nut. Should the split ring show any signs of deformation, it is to be replaced.
These modifications may be performed by any competent person and must be completed before the hangglider is flown again.
This airworthiness safety notice is enforced as from date of publication in the NfGH bullitin.