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Safety note Paraglider Advance Bi-Beta 2 DHV GS-01-0774-00

SubjectParaglider Advance Bi-Beta 2 DHV GS-01-0774-00
After approximately one thousand BI BETA 2s sold, we recently heard about three cases of broken lines, on the 2nd level cascade of the wing tip. The lines broke when making fast 360s, the gliders had more than 500 flights, and were used for commercial flights with aerobatic manoeuvres at each flight.

In spite of our own internal tests, the investigations made by Liros, the line manufacturer, numerous discussions with the representatives of the DHV and external specialists, we have not found a technical reason for these incidents.
The quality of the materials seems, according to us, not in fault, but rather normal wear and may be a lack of maintenance and inspection.

The paraglider concerned is only the BI BETA 2.

Although it has not yet been possible to establish the exact reasons for these broken lines, ADVANCE has decided to undertake the following safety measures as a precaution.

1. All the owners of a BI BETA 2 must contact ADVANCE directly in Switzerland (+41 33 225 70 10) or their local importer or dealer. An e-mail can also be sent to with the reference “BI BETA 2” in the subject line of the email.

2. The pilots must send us their complete post address, serial number of the glider and number of flights/hours.

3. Advance will immediately send to the concerned pilots the replacement lines (32) at no charge for self-fitting.

The lines should be replaced as soon as possible and we recommend that pilots with these gliders not to make aerobatic manoeuvres before these lines have been changed, especially for the gliders that have been used intensively.
The new lines shouldn’t be considered as an update of the glider and don’t exclude the general maintenance / inspection or a replacement of all lines that would otherwise be necessary due to use.

Thun, 25. September 2003

Rolf Zeltner