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Airworthiness advisory

SubjectHangglider Exxtacy DHV 01-0323-97, Exxtacy 135 DHV 01-0344-99, Exxtacy Bi DHV 01-0367-00
On one of those concerned gliders the velcro fastening of a control spoiler detached in flight, as a result the spoiler broke. The pilot could continue the flight with the damaged spoiler and land unharmed.

In agreement with the manufacturer Flight Design, Sielminger Str. 65, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Tel: 0049-711-902870, Fax: 0049-711-9028799, email:, the DHV has decided on the following precautionary safety measure:

  1. The control spoilers have to be secured additionally.
  2. While rigging/derigging those concerned gliders, attention has to be taken that the     control spoilers are velcroed on properly, and the velcro is neither dirty, nor old or worn out. Old or worn out velcros have to be replaced.

The airworthiness instruction comes into force when published in the NFGH (paragliding and hanggliding news). The safety measures must be carried out before the next flight with the equipment.

The parts to secure the control spoilers additionally, and an operation manual how to use them must be ordered by the manufacturer.

Gmund, 15.06.2001

Klaus Tänzler

Managing Director