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Safety note

SubjectParaglider harness Sup Air Profeel Race DHV GS-03-0143-95, Sup´Air 130 DHV GS-03-0205-99, SUP´AIR Randonneuse DHV GS-03-0244-01, SUP´AIR 02 DHV GS-03-0255-02, SUP` AIR DUO DHV GS-03-0261-02, SUP´AIR Randonneuse XC DHV GS-03-0278-03
Unintentional opening of the Safe-T-Bar buckle on Sup`Air harnesses

On the male part of the Safe-T-Bar buckle of two Sup`Air harnesses a manufacturing mistake has been found. This mistake can under certain circumstances cause unintentional opening of the chest strap of the harness. Concerned may be harnesses with a manufacturing date in between April 25th and June 30th 2003.

The manufacturing date of each Sup`Air harness is stamped on to a label which is inside the harness. (as shown in both pictures).

(Date de Fabrication)

To be absolutely sure, that no defective Safe-T-Bar buckle is on your harness, the Safe-T-Bar buckle of all Sup`Air harnesses with a manufacturing date in between April 25th and June 30th 2003 has to be replaced before the next flight. The Safe-T-Bar buckle together with the attached red webbing strap can be exchanged by the owner of the harness himself. Replacement buckles can be ordered free of charge from Sup`Air or the relevant importers in each country.

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Annecy 31st of July 2003

Pierre Bouilloux / Philippe Clerjon
Managing directors Sup`Air SARL