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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Ozone Atom M DHV GS-01-0844-01, Ozone Atom L DHV GS-01-0847-01, Ozone Atom S DHV GS-01-0848-01, Ozone Atom XS DHV GS-01-0928-01, serial numbers between A[Size]-D-12-101 and A[Size]-D-46-126

During the annual inspection of Atom gliders, the lower lines of some gliders with heavy use in schools have been found to have lower than expected remaining strength. Although the strength of these lines was not critically low, and no line failures in flight have been reported.
Ozone Gliders Ltd. have decided to make the following Safety Notice.

All Atom XS, S, M and L with serial numbers between A[Size]-D-12-101 and A[Size]-D-46-126 the lower lines must be replaced within one year of the first flight or after 100 flying hours.

The replacment sets of lines are supplied free of charge for self fitting. If your dealer is not able to supply the replacement sets please contact either the main importer in your country or Ozone directly. A full list of ozon main importers for each country can be found on the web site


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