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Warning Hangglider

Information for operating hang gliders with landing gear or attached wheels.

There was a bi place hang glider crash caused by wear from the landing gear in the USA.

It is most likely that, according to the accident investigation, the high number of takeoffs and landings with an attached landing gear caused wear or damage aroud the speed bar basis or upright tubes and finally ended up in breaking of those parts. Pilots using gliders with attached landing gears should therefore use especially extreme care when inspecting the according parts before takeoff.

- speedbar and upright tubes could be worn out excessively by attached wheels. They have to be inspected on a regular basis for bends and have to be replaced if neccessary.

- all junctions (speedbar/upright tubes, controlbar/keeltube) have to be inspected for damage or wear on a regular basis. Worn out parts, plates etc have to be replaced by qualified personel.

On blued parts an overstressing is often accompanied by a change in colour of the affected area. Such changes in colour point out damages of material.

Gmund, 23 Sept.2002

Klaus Tänzler,
Managing Director