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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Skywalk Masala2 M DHV GS-01-2051-13, Skywalk Masala2 S DHV GS-01-2052-13, Skywalk Masala2 XS DHV GS-01-2053-13, Skywalk Masala2 XXS DHV GS-01-2054-13

A pilot reported that the C-riser failed at its attachment point to the other risers during launch preparations.

The following investigation together by the DHV and Skywalk has the following results:

Riser strength is sufficient when the C-riser is loaded normally in the direction taken during flight. (Picture 1).

Should the riser be loaded 180° to the normal flight direction (see picture 2), then the strength of the sewing at the attachment point is insufficient.

Such a riser loading may occur during ground handling in strong winds or if lines are snagged during launching.

Although this is the first occurrence of a riser failure, the above paraglider models of type MASALA2 are no longer to be flown.

All owners of MASALA2 paragliders are requested to contact Skywalk immediately. The risers will be checked and strengthened free of charge.


Manfred Kistler, MD

Skywalk GmbH Windeckstr. 4 83250 Marquartstein

Picture 1 top: normal loading in flight

Picture 2 bottom: 180° loading, weak point marked red.

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