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Data paraglider harness
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Category Paraglider harness
Type designation OZONE Forza
Manufacturer OZONE Gliders Ltd.
Type test reference no DHV GS-03-0390-15
Type test standard(s) applied LTF NFL II-91/09 und NfL 2-60-14 ; EN 1651:1999
Date of certification 2016-04-14
Holder of certification in Germany OZONE Gliders Ltd.
Limits of operation
Max. clip in weight 120 Kg
Inspection interval 12 Monate
Integrated parachute container Yes
Harness padding
Weight of harness 5.35 Kg *)
Safety notes
Date Note category Subject
2016-10-14 Safety note Paraglider harness OZONE Forza DHV GS-03-0390-15
2016-07-04 Safety note Paraglider harness
2016-06-04 Safety note Safety notice for paraglider harnesses equipped with Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in the chest strap
2015-04-09 Warning Paraglider harness
2014-08-25 Safety note Gurtzeug für Gleitschirm
2013-12-04 Warning Paraglider harness, Tow release
2009-08-07 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, Hangglider harness, Paraglider emergency parachute, Hangglider emergency parachute
2009-04-09 Safety note Gurtzeug für Gleitschirm, Safe-In-Lock System (SIL), Charly-Finsterwalder
2008-08-15 Airworthiness advisory For all paraglider harnesses with integrated reserve containers mounted under the seat (bottom or tube containers).
2005-12-16 Safety note Paraglider harness, Pin Lock Carabiner Finsterwalder GmbH
2005-03-10 Safety note Paraglider harness, Hangglider harness karabiners Finsterwalder GmbH
2004-05-07 Warning Paraglider harness, carabiner for paragliding harnesses, Sup`Air twistlock aluminium carabiner for 40mm webbing
2003-07-31 Safety note Paraglider harness
2003-06-10 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, harnesscarabiner Parafly Automatic from AustriAlpin
2003-05-21 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, harnesscarabiner Parafly Automatic from AustriAlpin
2002-09-23 Warning Paraglider harness, Hangglider harness
2001-12-14 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, harnesscarabiner
2000-10-27 Airworthiness advisory For Para- and Hangglider harnesses, which are equipped with "Cobra" belt buckels from AustriAlpin
1999-02-24 Airworthiness advisory All Glider Harnesses with emergency equipment container integrated at the back and "Sup Air Airbag"
1998-01-01 Austrian regulation Back-protectors mandatory in Austria as from January 1st 1998
1997-11-13 Airworthiness advisory Checking for compatibility of harness and emergency parachute

*) according to manufacturer