Data paraglider harness
Category Paraglider harness
Type designation BREEZE
Manufacturer Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG
Type test reference no DHV GS-03-0392-19
Type test standard(s) applied LTF NFL II-91/09 und NfL 2-60-14 ; EN 1651:1999
Date of certification 2019-05-02
Holder of certification in Germany Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG
Limits of operation
Max. clip in weight 120 Kg
Integrated parachute container Yes
Harness padding
Weight of harness 2.4 Kg *)
Safety notes
Date Note category Subject
2023-01-09 Warning Paraglider harness
2021-11-18 Gurtzeug für Gleitschirm, Gurtzeug für Hängegleiter, Rettungsgerät für Gleitschirm, Rettungsgerät für Hängegleiter
2016-07-04 Safety note Paraglider harness
2016-06-04 Safety note Safety notice for paraglider harnesses equipped with Finsterwalder CLICK-LOCK and T-LOCK buckles in the chest strap
2015-04-09 Warning Paraglider harness
2014-08-25 Safety note Gurtzeug für Gleitschirm
2013-12-04 Warning Paraglider harness, Tow release
2009-08-07 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, Hangglider harness, Paraglider emergency parachute, Hangglider emergency parachute
2009-04-09 Safety note Gurtzeug für Gleitschirm, Safe-In-Lock System (SIL), Charly-Finsterwalder
2008-08-15 Airworthiness advisory For all paraglider harnesses with integrated reserve containers mounted under the seat (bottom or tube containers).
2005-12-16 Safety note Paraglider harness, Pin Lock Carabiner Finsterwalder GmbH
2005-03-10 Safety note Paraglider harness, Hangglider harness karabiners Finsterwalder GmbH
2004-05-07 Warning Paraglider harness, carabiner for paragliding harnesses, Sup`Air twistlock aluminium carabiner for 40mm webbing
2003-07-31 Safety note Paraglider harness
2003-06-10 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, harnesscarabiner Parafly Automatic from AustriAlpin
2003-05-21 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, harnesscarabiner Parafly Automatic from AustriAlpin
2001-12-14 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, harnesscarabiner
2000-10-27 Airworthiness advisory For Para- and Hangglider harnesses, which are equipped with "Cobra" belt buckels from AustriAlpin
1999-02-24 Airworthiness advisory All Glider Harnesses with emergency equipment container integrated at the back and "Sup Air Airbag"
1998-01-01 Austrian regulation Back-protectors mandatory in Austria as from January 1st 1998

*) according to manufacturer