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Technical data

GIN Vantage 3 28
ManufacturerGIN Gliders Inc.
Type test reference noDHV GS-01-2561-20
Type test standards appliedLTF NFL II-91/09 und NfL 2-60-14 , EN 926-2:2014, EN 926-1:2015
Date of certification20.05.2020
Holder of certificationGIN Gliders Inc.
GIN Vantage 3 28
Limits of operation
Class addition
Total weight in flight95 - 120 Kg
EN-Total weight in flight95 - 120 Kg
Number of seats1
Winch towingYes
Inspection interval36 Mo / 200 h; 24 Mo /150 h; 24 Mo /150 h;
Projected area24.6 m2
Weight of glider without bag5 Kg
Material of upper surfaceDominico Tex Dokdo 30DMF / Dokdo 20DMF
Material of lower surfaceNCV Skytex 27
Line materialsLine of lowest section: Liros PPSL 350, Liros PPSL275, Liros PPSL 350, Liros PPSL275
Line section 1: Liros PPSL 200, Liros PPSL160, Liros PPSL 200, Liros PPSL160
Line section 2: Liros PPSL 065, Liros DSL 70, Liros PPSL275, Liros PPSL 120, Liros PPSL 065, Liros DSL 70, Liros PPSL 120
Safety notes