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Technical data

Join´t 2
ManufacturerSkywalk GmbH & Co. KG
Type test reference noDHV GS-01-1913-10
Type test standards appliedLTF NFL II-91/09, EN 926-2:2005
Date of certification19.09.2010
Holder of certificationSkywalk GmbH & Co. KG
Join´t 2
Limits of operation
Class addition
Total weight in flight140 - 225 Kg
EN-Total weight in flight140 - 225 Kg
Number of seats2
Winch towingYes
Inspection interval24Mo / 200h
Training suitability (according to manufacturer):Suitable for training
Projected area34.8 m2
Weight of glider without bag9.3 Kg
Material of upper surfaceNCV 9092 E85A / 9017 E68A
Material of lower surfaceDominico DOKDO N20MF
Line materialsLine of lowest section 1: Liros NTSL 350, Line of lowest section 2: Liros NTSL 200
Line section 1: Liros NTSL 200, Line section 2: Liros TSL 280, Line section 3: Liros TSL 190, Line section 4: Liros PPSL 120
Safety notes
DateNote categorySubject
29.03.2011Safety noteParaglider Skywalk Cayenne 3 S DHV GS-01-1831-09, Skywalk Cayenne 3 M DHV GS-01-1832-09, Skywalk Cayenne 3 L DHV GS-01-1836-09, Skywalk Cayenne 3 XL DHV GS-01-1847-09, Skywalk Cayenne 3 XS DHV GS-01-1848-09, Skywalk Chili2 M DHV GS-01-1874-10, Skywalk Chili2 S DHV GS-01-1875-10, Skywalk Chili2 L DHV GS-01-1897-10, Skywalk Chili2 XS DHV GS-01-1898-10, Skywalk Chili2 XL DHV GS-01-1905-10, Join´t 2 DHV GS-01-1913-10