Data hangglider
Category Hangglider
Type designation Klassic 13
Manufacturer Airwave Gliders Ltd.
Type test reference no DHV 01-0301-95
Type test standard(s) applied Deutsch/Österreichische Bauvorschriften
Date of certification 1995-07-03
Holder of certification in Germany Airwave Germany
Limits of operation
Classification 2-3
Total weight in flight 90 Kg - 120 Kg
Number of seats 1
Maximum Speed (VNE) 80  km/h
Winch towing Yes
Towing by microlight Yes
Technology Flex wing
Double surface 0.0 %
Weight of glider without bag  
Wing area 0.0 m2
Span 0.0 m
Number of battens  
In-flight trimming devices  
Type of A-frame base tube  
Safety notes
Date Note category Subject
2006-12-19 Warning Hangglider
2003-06-24 Warning Hangglider
2002-09-23 Warning Hangglider
1999-06-23 Warning Für alle Hängegleiter - Unterverspannung checken!

*) according to manufacturer