Deutscher Hängegleiterverband e.V.


5. Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaft 2008 in Piedrahita vom 07.09. - 13.09.2008

Die Internationalen Deutschen Meisterschaften werden in 2008 erstmals im Ausland durchgeführt. Vom Austragungsort Piedrahita in Zentralspanien erwarten wir uns endlich das Super-Flugwetter, das wir auf der German Open schon so viele Jahre vermissen. Der Zeitpunkt Anfang September liegt nach den thermisch oft extrem aktiven Hammertagen mit oft starkem Wind am Startplatz, die Juli und August mit sich bringen.

Piedrahita liegt auf 900 m Höhe am Nordrand des spanischen Zentralgebirges. Der Startplatz am Pena Negra liegt 1000 m höher, wird in der Regel gut vom Nordwestwind aus der davorliegenden Ebene angeströmt und bietet oft ideale Streckenflugmöglichkeiten. Die erste Stecke geht entlang der Gebirgskette nach Nordost oder Südwest. Dann entweder an der Kette zurück oder weiter ins Flache.

Anreise / Arrival

Getting to Piedrahita by your own car

Total distance from Madrid airport (Barajas) to Piedrahita is 185 km and takes you about 2hrs. By hire car, take the M40, northbound (initially the sign to Burgos on leaving the terminal), continue around this circular motorway (past the Burgos turn off) to the A6 or direction La Coruña. Follow this motorway, which takes you through the tunnel in the mountains until the Avila turn off. Continue past Avila along the N120 for another 55km to Piedrahita.


Getting to Piedrahita by Bus

Madrid -> Piedrahita

To take the bus, go to the Estacion Sur de Autobuses. You can go direct from the Airport Metro to the Metro stop Mendez Alvaro. ( Cost of Metro 1 euro and takes about 20mins). The bus company is called Cevesa and is at the ticket booth number 2. Monday to Saturday a bus leaves Madrid at 08h30 and 16h10 with an additional bus on Fridays at 20h30. On Sundays at 8:30 and 20:30. The journey takes approx 2 hours. The cost is 10.40 Euros.

return Bus trip to Madrid

buses leave Piedrahita Monday to Saturday at 8:15, 10:40 and 16:25, and on Sunday at 17:15 and 20:25.

Due to the absence of a Sunday morning Bus back to Madrid (the time when most pilots will be returning), in previous years the organisation has contracted a bus to return pilots to the airport. This can be arranged if there is sufficient demand.



Free shuttle from/to Madrid Airport

the German Paragliding League will offer a free bus shuttle from Madrid Airport to Piedrahita and back to all pilots participating in the German Open 2008. We now got your feedback and made the following schedule.

We have one 18 seater bus travelling twice a day between Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 1 and Piedrahita on Friday 5.9. and Saturday 6.9.

On Friday the bus arrives at 14:00 local time at Terminal 1 and starts as soon as this bus is full, which will be about 15:00. The bus then goes to Piedrahita and back, which will take about 5 to 6 hours. So the second tour will start not earlier than 20:30, but can be later.

On Saturday we will have one bus at 12:00 and the second at 20:30. On this day we have less pilots, so we may use a smaller bus.

To get into the bus you must register for your bus before 31.08.2008 by sending an email to Dieter. Please specify exactly, which bus you want to take:

Friday 15:00
Friday 20:30
Saturday 12:00
Saturday 20:30

Nothing else, no extras, no other times! If you do not register in time you will probably not get a seat in the bus. If you register and don't show up, we may charge you for the trip. Don't make double reservations,... If the early bus is overbooked and there is space at the late one on the same day, we will move people from the first to the second bus. Preference goes on first-register-first-serve basis.

The busses from Piedrahita back to Madrid will be organized in Piedrahita. You can be shure, that you get a lift, if your schedule fits to other's. If the group is big, we can arrange the bus, but it must be economically reasonable. We will not provide transfer for single pilots or small groups.



Hier findet ihr die aktuellen Tagesberichte und Bilder.

Anmeldung/Registration - Teilnehmer/Pilots

Fluggebiet, Unterkunft / Flying Site, Accomodation

Steve Ham betriebt eine umfangreiche Webseite über fliegen in Piedrahita, Unterkunft, Essen und Trinken, Lokal und Umgebung, Bilder, Tutorials für die Flugstrecken und vieles mehr. Dieser Link ist fast unverzichtbar: