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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Team 5 Green b S DHV GS-01-1949-11, Team 5 Green b M DHV GS-01-1950-11, Team 5 Green b L DHV GS-01-1955-11, Team 5 Green b XS DHV GS-01-1956-11

During routine yearly checks it has been determined that incorrect lines have been used on a production model of a Team 5 Green B paraglider. On the glider checked (type-test date 9/2011), the main suspension lines were of Aramid instead of Dyneema (Cousin 989/1.5) as on the type-test example. Optically (colour, diameter and sheathing) the lines appear to be  identical. Load tests showed that the required load limit of eight times the maximum take-off weight could not be attained.

The legal successor of Team 5, Krilo d.o.o. is of the opinion that this mistake is limited to this single (preproduction series) glider, but cannot guarantee this for all other gliders with complete certianty. Krilo d.o.o. has issued the following safety advisory:

The main suspension lines on all Team 5 Green B gliders must be checked. It is to be determined if Dyneema (white core) or Aramid (yellow core) materials have been used. As checking cannot usually be accomplished without partial opening of line stitching it is recommended that it be performed by an authorised paraglider check center. Should an Aramid core line have been used, then these lines must be immediately exchanged. Krilo d.o.o. recommends checking at the flying school Airsport 2000. Checks are free of charge, but postage costs will be incurred for the pilot.



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