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Warning Paraglider harness

SubjectParaglider harness
Potentially affected are harnesses with 2 zippers, where a separate zipper closes the rescue container.

To ensure proper rescuer deployment, the zipper slide of the rescue container zipper must be in its "zip garage" like this. If this is the case, the zip will open without any problems when the inner rescue container is released.

However, it can happen, e.g. after a landing on the protector or due to carelessness when handling the harness, that the zipper slide is no longer in its "zipper garage" and the zipper has partially opened. This can have dangerous consequences because the rescuer release can then be impeded or completely blocked.

Note on safety: The correct position of the rescue container zip in its "zip garage" should be checked before each take-off (pre-flight check). If a partially opened zip is noticed by other pilots, it is essential to point it out to them.

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