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Austrian regulation Back-protectors mandatory in Austria as from January 1st 1998

SubjectBack-protectors mandatory in Austria as from January 1st 1998
A new Austrian regulation issued by the Federal Ministry of Transport states that any paraglider pilot flying in Austria (including foreigners) will have to "...use a harness with a suitable back-protector..." (literal translation) as from 1st of January. There are no technical regulations or certification standards for back-protectors yet.

The DHV-OeAeC technical department is currently working on a standard for back-protectors based on energy-dissipation measurements. Consequently in the near future a harness will only pass DHV/OeAeC-certification, if either its integrated back-protector is found to comply with the new standard, or else if the harness can be fitted with a back-protector, that has been tested successfully on an earlier occasion.

In Germany no final decision has been taken yet, as the DHV waits for the technical side of the question to be clarified.

Martin Jursa - Head DHV - OeAeC Technical Dept.