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Warning Paraglider harness Gingo Air light II EAPR-GZ-7251/09

SubjectParaglider harness Gingo Air light II EAPR-GZ-7251/09
The DHV has received several reports on difficulties in deploying a reserve parachute from this harness. Deployment problems occurred in particular when the harness was used in combination with a large volume reserve parachute and the deployment handle to inner container strap had not been shortened. German Gin-Gliders dealers routinely shorten this deployment strap when fitting a reserve parachute to this harness. Deployment is much easier with this modification when compared with an original harness. It cannot be determined if this modification to help reserve deployment has been performed on all harnesses of this model. DHV tests in the G-Force trainer confirm the deployment problems for the above noted configuration. The DHV wished to inform all owners of this harness model of this problem. Combining this harness with larger volume reserve parachutes (e.g. Independence Seven Up, Sup Air L etc.) creates higher deployment forces, which can become problematic if the deployment handle to inner container strap has not been shortend. See also the DHV safety advisory from May 2013. It is recommended to check whether the deployment handle to inner container strap has been shortend (with a knotted loop). All owners who have not already performed a deployment test to check the compatibility of harness and reserve parachute are recommended to perform this at a local flying school. Please contact your Gin-Gliders dealer in Germany or Austria should further problems or questions arise.

Gmund, 31.10.2013

Karl Slezak
Manager, Technical and Safety Department DHV


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