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Safety note

SubjectParaglider Enzo M AIRT GS_0504.2011, Enzo S AIRT GS_0543.2012, Enzo L AIRT GS_0544.2012

Concerning all Enzos manufactured between 01.11.2011 and 26.03.2012.

The serial numbers of the affected wings end with:


and for those manufactured in 2012, from: -N-01A-xxx to -N-12A-xxx.

Gliders with the serial numbers named before have the possibility of a manufacturing error of the Dyneema lines used in the construction of the riser system.

The potentially effected parts are the two grey coloured Dyneema lines attached to the risers, one connects to the main A and B risers and the other joins this to make up the rest of the outer A riser. It has been found on some risers that the splices of these lines are too short.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 1 Shows the potentially affected parts of the riser. Picture 2 A faulty splice looks like this: The inner core is too short in the stitching.

Ozone Gliders issues the following safety notice:

    All owners of Ozone Enzo gliders with the named serial numbers are asked to check the risers. If your risers show a splice like picture 2, you must NOT fly your Enzo until the potentially faulty riser parts have been replaced.

Contact your Ozone dealer who will issue you with a Replacement Riser Line Kit that must be correctly mounted before further use.