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Safety note Paraglider harness

SubjectParaglider harness
Paraglider harnesses PARATECH A6, C2 and M3
Unintentional opening of the Safe-T-Bar buckle on PARATECH harnesses

On the male part of the Safe-T-Bar buckle of two Sup`Air harnesses a manufacturing mistake has been found. The mistake did not appear yet on any PARATECH harness, but it can not be excluded because buckles manufacturer is the same. This mistake can under certain circumstances cause unintentional opening of the chest strap of the harness. Concerned may be harnesses with a manufacturing date in between April 25th and June 30th 2003 of the models A6, C2 and M3.

The manufacturing date of each PARATECH harness is stamped on to a label which is inside the harness. (as shown in both pictures).

Date de Fabrication / Year - Month - Day

The mistake can not be found by visual or by any mechanical test on ground. To be absolutely sure, that no defective Safe-T-Bar buckle is on your harness, the Safe-T-Bar buckle of all PARATECH harnesses with a manufacturing date in between April 25th and June 30th 2003 has to be replaced before the next flight. The Safe-T-Bar buckle together with the attached red webbing strap can be exchanged by the owner of the harness himself. Replacement buckles can be ordered free of charge from PARATECH or the relevant importers in each country.

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Schwende, August 1st 2003

Migg Lenz
Managing director PARATECH AG