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Data emergency parachute
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Category Hangglider emergency parachute
Type designation Metamorfosi
Manufacturer Crapanzano Angelo
Type test reference no DHV 02-0025-86
Type test standard(s) applied Deutsch/Österreichische Bauvorschriften
Date of certification 1997-09-15
Holder of certification in Germany Impuls Flugdrachen GmbH
Limits of operation
Max. weight in flight 100 Kg
Steerable No
Centre line Yes
Weight 1.9 Kg *)
Safety notes
Date Note category Subject
2009-08-07 Airworthiness advisory Paraglider harness, Hangglider harness, Paraglider emergency parachute, Hangglider emergency parachute
1997-11-13 Airworthiness advisory Checking for compatibility of harness and emergency parachute
1995-04-10 Airworthiness advisory Alle Rettungssysteme

*) according to manufacturer