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Technical data

Gradient Nevada 28
ManufacturerGradient s.r.o.
Type test reference noDHV GS-01-2001-12
Type test standards appliedLTF NFL II-91/09, EN 926-2:2005, EN 926-1:2006
Date of certification11.07.2012
Holder of certificationGradient s.r.o.
Gradient Nevada 28
Limits of operation
Class addition
Total weight in flight95 - 115 Kg
EN-Total weight in flight95 - 115 Kg
Number of seats1
Winch towingYes
Inspection interval24 Mo
Training suitability (according to manufacturer):Not suitable for training
Projected area24.3 m2
Weight of glider without bag5.7 Kg
Material of upper surfaceNCV Skytex 9017 E77A
Material of lower surfaceNCV Skytex 9017, E38A
Line materialsLine of lowest section 1: Liros PPSL275, Line of lowest section 2: Liros PPSL200
Line section 1: Liros PPSL160, Line section 2: Liros PPSL 120, Line section 3: Cousin Vectran 70, Line section 4: Cousin Vectran 100, Line section 5: Liros DC 120, Line section 6: Liros DC 60, Line section 7: Liros DC 100, Line section 8: Cousin Vectran 60
Safety notes