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Data paraglider harness
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Category Paraglider harness
Type designation airtime speed-fire
Manufacturer airtime sky sports products
Type test reference no DHV GS-03-0305-04
Type test standard(s) applied Lufttüchtigkeitsforderungen für HG und GS
Date of certification 2004-06-28
Holder of certification in Germany Blue Sky Flugschule Hochpustertal GmbH
Limits of operation
Max. clip in weight 120 Kg
Integrated parachute container Yes information about compatibility check
Harness padding Tangra Front A3620 D
Weight of harness 8.3 Kg *)
Safety notes
Date Note category Subject
1998-01-01 Austrian regulation Back-protectors mandatory in Austria as from January 1st 1998

*) according to manufacturer